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Helped me understand who I am in a relationship

I took the course after breaking off a long-term relationship to try to understand what went wrong. Figs lays things out really clearly. I definitely recognized my behavior and my ex's as relentl...

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Jolene !

A great way to look at couple conflicts!

Figs has created an easy way to understand the conflicts that you're having and begin to do something effective to change conflicts into collaborations. Yes, it takes some understanding of what you...

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Jim !

Really opened our eyes and made a difference

I'm a middle-aged woman and I learned brand new things about myself and also to stop avoiding our conflicts or thinking that it means we're not meant to be together. My husband took the course with...

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Elizabeth !

You Can Learn to Love Better

The Need for Connection is in your DNA

Most couples arrive in my office for the first time scared out of their wits. They're SURE the worst of their fears are about to come true: some know-it-all is gonna wag a finger in their face and say it's all their fault and everything is hopeless. OUCH! 90-minutes later they're skipping out of my office with the weight of the world seemingly lifted off their shoulders. 

Wanna learn what I've shared with them?


You both make sense!  

There's a set of basic relationship skills that many of us never learned. And knowing them makes all the difference.

You can learn those skills right now.

If you want more connection and understanding in your relationship, make that happen!

A Game Changer

"Truthfully, The Conflict Solution course was such a game changer for me and how I view my relationship! Your method, delivery, honesty, and enlightenment resonated with me. I dragged my feet when it came to normal couples counseling in the past, but your course kept me engaged enough for self reflection as my walls came down and the ‘Pat' inside me yearned for more connection." —Trisha S.

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  • You want to be a better partner.
  • You want more connection and don't know how to get it.
  • You're hurting and you're not sure when to throw in the towel.
  • You're single and want your next relationship to work.
  • You want to work on your relationship, but your partner doesn't seem available.
  • You and your partner BOTH want to connect in a deeper and more authentic way.
  • You want to be a better parent, sibling, friend, and son or daughter.

The Conflict Solution is the quickest and easiest (and least expensive) way for you to get Figs' life-changing tools.

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The Instructor

Figs O'Sullivan

Figs O'Sullivan

Couples Therapist & Relationship Coach

I was born, bred and emboldened in Dublin, Ireland and immigrated to the San Francisco area in 1994. One could say I am the typical psychotherapist cliché in so far as I was drawn to psychotherapy to better open to, move through, and heal my own emotional pain and suffering. I was the last of my immediate family to answer the call to become a guide for people to heal emotionally and spiritually. My father is an experiential therapist in Ireland, my mother a social worker/probation officer, and my sister is also a psychotherapist in the Bay Area. For me, being a psychotherapist is a vocation that demands deep commitment to authenticity, compassion, empathy, vulnerability, honest self-reflection, and humility.


"Figs saved our relationship. He's the best couples counselor in the business. His psychotherapy strategy is so damn simple that it feels silly, obvious, or trite. But wait for it. Because it's the most developed, deeply touching philosophy I've ever experienced."
Joshua R.
"Figs helped me heal some core wounds. I am now having a very authentic, healthy relationship with a new man in my life and I'm certain the work I did with Figs helped me achieve this. He is truly gifted and doing exactly what he's been put on this earth to do."
Michelle G
"Our relationship has blossomed, our home is a safer, more peaceful, supporting and loving environment. Our most painful relationship issues seem to have evaporated, and the road ahead looks better than ever thanks to Figs!"
Troy A.

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