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Figs is the best couples counselor in the business. His psychotherapy strategy is so damn simple that it feels silly, obvious, or trite. But wait for it. Because it's the most developed, deeply touching philosophy I've ever experienced.
Joshua R.
I am now having a very authentic, healthy relationship with a new man in my life and I'm certain the work I did with Figs helped me achieve this. He is truly gifted and doing exactly what he's been put on this earth to do.
Michelle G
Our relationship has blossomed, our home is a safer, more peaceful, supporting and loving environment. Our most painful relationship issues seem to have evaporated, and the road ahead looks better than ever thanks to Figs!
Troy A.

Class is Currently in Session!

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A class on LOVE? 

Yes! And you already have what you'll need.

Love is a feeling, an action, and a basic human need.

And it's also a skill I want to help you develop.

If you're confused or suffering in your relationship, you're not alone. It's because most of us never really LEARNED HOW TO LOVE.

My wife Teale and I are successful Couples Therapists in San Francisco and we created this workshop for anyone who gives a sh*t about their relationship.

Class Details

Who: 10-20 Couples

What: 7-Week Series

Where: San Francisco, CA

When: Sundays 3:00-5:00 PM

10/22/17 - 12/10/17

(Note: No class on November 26th)

Cost: $745 per couple


  • On Demand Access to the online course x2 ($397 value)
  • Digital workbook
  • $50 off a private session
  • Learn from other couples (priceless)
  • Last class includes a shared meal with your new supportive community.
  • Onsite Parking Available

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We All Need Connection

It starts with you.

I'm not here to give you a fancy makeover to make you lovable. 

You're already worthy of love just as you are! 

There’s just a messy clog of damaging gunk getting in your way, and I’m like the Love Plumber who's gonna snake that sludge out.

What do ya think of that?? I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out a good metaphor. Obviously, I couldn’t come up with one. :) All I know is Plumbers are heroes. So it stays.

My Course Can Help If...

  • You want to be a better partner.
  • You want to stop having the same fights over and over again.
  • You want to stop feeling like your partner is always disappointed in you. 
  • You want to better navigate parenting together.
  • You want to feel like your partner makes you a priority.
  • You want more connection and don't know how to get it.
  • You want to work on your relationship but your partner seems unavailable.
  • You BOTH want to connect in a deeper and more authentic way.
  • You want more joy, laughter and fun together.


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$397 value
Get started now with my online course. Includes 16 video modules, a custom workbook, insights, inspirational prompts and more.



$50 off First Session
All couples or individuals who want to follow up with a private session gets $50 off their first visit with Figs, Teale or one of our trusted colleagues.



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Figs & Teale

Meet your Guides


Couples Therapist, Dad,Husband, Relationship Coach and Founder of Empathi.com

I was born, bred and emboldened in Dublin, Ireland and immigrated to the Marin County and San Francisco area in 1994. Psychotherapy, or self-exploration, has always been a mainstay in my life. One could say I am the typical psychotherapist cliché in so far as I was drawn to psychotherapy to better open to, move through, and heal my own emotional pain and suffering. I was the last of my immediate family to answer the call to become a guide for people to heal emotionally and spiritually. My father is an experiential therapist in Ireland, my mother a social worker/probation officer, and my sister is also a psychotherapist in the Bay Area. For me, being a psychotherapist in San Francisco and Marin County is more than just a job; it is a vocation that demands deep commitment to authenticity, compassion, empathy, vulnerability, honest self-reflection, and humility.


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Mom, Wife, Artist and more! 

Born and raised on the island of Oahu, cultural sensitivity informs my therapeutic work and inspires me personally. I recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology with a specialty in Community Mental Health. Being of service to others is more than just a vocation for me, it is my passion.

My areas of specialty include working with those who are experiencing relationship problems, sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, grief, addiction, parenting challenges and feelings of social isolation. I have experience with children, individuals, seniors, couples, and in facilitating therapy groups.

I value a collaborative therapeutic approach in order to help create a new sense of self-understanding and acceptance. As I receive further specialty training in different areas of my therapeutic interest I continue to grow and maintain a beginners mind. In my free time I’m an artist, cook, practice yoga and enjoy walking throughout San Francisco’s parks and beaches.

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