Repeating Question Exercise

Get to know yourself and each other. Trust the Process.

Arguably the most powerful technology we possess

Do this exercise weekly to feel more connected

Take 30 minutes out of your day-to-day life to share, listen, empathize and be curious. The Repeating Question Exercise is primarily for couples.  You may also take it on your own and practice the exercise with a friend or colleague. 

Being with what is, taking time out from problem-solving, or from trying to improve your life is arguably the greatest gift you can give each other. Be present to your moment-to-moment experience.  This is where your life happens. 

We want to help you develop your ability to be present with yourself and each other. 

We All Need Connection

It starts with you.

I'm not here to give you a fancy makeover to make you lovable. 

You're already worthy of love just as you are! 

There’s just a messy clog of damaging gunk getting in your way, and I’m like the Love Plumber who's gonna snake that sludge out.

What do ya think of that?? I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out a good metaphor. Obviously, I couldn’t come up with one. :) All I know is Plumbers are heroes. So it stays.

Consistently doing this exercise is an easy way to de-clog your relationship pipes! 

That said, if you are actively struggling with each other you may be better off taking the Empathi Conflict Solution course first or booking a free phone consult via 

This Course Can Help If...

  • You want to be a better partner.
  • You want to know yourself and each other better.
  • You want to cultivate better presence.
  • You want to access your own vulnerability.
  • You want more connection and don't know how to get it.
  • You want to work on your relationship but your partner seems unavailable.
  • You BOTH want to connect in a deeper and more authentic way.
  • You want to be a better parent, sibling, friend, and son or daughter.


"Figs is the best couples counselor in the business. His psychotherapy strategy is so damn simple that it feels silly, obvious, or trite. But wait for it. Because it's the most developed, deeply touching philosophy I've ever experienced."
Joshua R.
"I am now having a very authentic, healthy relationship with a new man in my life and I'm certain the work I did with Figs helped me achieve this. He is truly gifted and doing exactly what he's been put on this earth to do. "
Michelle G
"Our relationship has blossomed, our home is a safer, more peaceful, supporting and loving environment. Our most painful relationship issues seem to have evaporated, and the road ahead looks better than ever thanks to Figs!"
Troy A.




Learn how to be curious about your own experience. Enter into a process of self-inquiry and share what you discover about yourself with your partner.



Discover who your partner is underneath the story of their life. Hold a loving, kind and compassionate space for their unfolding self-exploration.



Make new meanings, new discoveries and increase your curiosity. Be enriched by the time you spend with your experiencing self.

About your Instructor

Figs O'Sullivan

Figs O'Sullivan

Couples Therapist & Relationship Coach

I was born, bred and emboldened in Dublin, Ireland and immigrated to the San Francisco area in 1994. One could say I am the typical psychotherapist cliché in so far as I was drawn to psychotherapy to better open to, move through, and heal my own emotional pain and suffering. I was the last of my immediate family to answer the call to become a guide for people to heal emotionally and spiritually. My father is an experiential therapist in Ireland, my mother a social worker/probation officer, and my sister is also a psychotherapist in the Bay Area. For me, being a psychotherapist is a vocation that demands deep commitment to authenticity, compassion, empathy, vulnerability, honest self-reflection, and humility.

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